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Calini Chrome Bubble Chandelier

$1,088.88 USD

A Space Age addition to our Bubble Chandelier line. Worthy of a standing ovation, the Chrome Bubble Chandelier is destined to become your favorite statement piece.

Product Specifications:

• Bubbles 22” diameter x 16” tall
• 31 glass bubbles in a mix of 4" and 6" sizes. Hand-blown glass in 60% chrome and 40% clear.
• Total fixture height is the bubble and cord height combined.  Please contact us if you need help determining this measurement.
• Includes three globe-shaped, exposed filament G30 led bulbs for our US customers and G30 incandescent bulbs for our 240v clients.
• Works on a dimmer switch. 
• Production time is 8-10 weeks from purchase. 

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The Calini Chrome Bubble Chandelier was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.